Sunday, February 8, 2009

Happy Birthday To My first Born!

Charie Denise Socwell Francom
Born Feb. 11th, 1976

At 16 years old I had no idea how to be the best person I could be let alone be a good mother however Heavenly Father blessed me with this beautiful little girl anyway.
You see He knew that if I put my trust in Him and did the best I knew how things would work out and this sweet little thing became one of my best friends.
Can you see Evie in that cute face?

Charie is three years old in this picture. I wanted my girls to have something to wear besides hand me downs from my little brothers so I took apart a dress of mine and made this dress for Charie. It's not so great but I was so happy that it fit for the most part and it was a pink girlie dress.So HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHARIE!!!

I know it's not the 11th yet but we had a fun early Birthday bash

Yes, we made the favorite cake again but I decided to make it in you can see all the Rasberry topping and frosting decoration slid to the bottom.

No one seemed to was still tasty!

Heather joined us for dinner, cake and a sleep over.

Grandpa Archie eluded any of the pictures and chased and played with the kids until he fell asleep on the couch.

Kai showed us his missing tooth (the one awaiting the tooth fairy). He also showed us his amazing moves while playing his Transformers Wii game...I wish I would have gotten some pictures of that!

I had made Nhaya some earrings and she had to try all eight of them we had a earring fashion show.

She is such a cutie and growing up so fast!

Merced got to open a belated Birthday present from Auntie T.

She loved her book...and so did her siblings.

Evie was so excited about everything! She showed me all her new things and we played games and we played "pretend". She was the mom, I was the baby and Nhaya was the sister. The baby was supposed to lay in her bed and sleep, sister was being a tease and stirring things up and mom didn't quite know what to do. After a big sigh we were all told to go to a time out!

Merced loved walking...well trying to...walk around in Grandpa Archie's shoes.

All in all it was a great weekend.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


The cake...who can resist?
White cake, whipping cream and cream cheese frosting and raspberry topping!
Ice cream and party hats and balloons!
Helping Mom blow out candles and make a wish.

The Birthday girl

Happy Birthday Mom!

We love you twice as much!

Jon did a great job hosting the Birthday Bash.

A special day for a special girl.
I could say so many wonderful things about Trisha because she is such an amazing person...any one who knows her would agree with me...what I would like to do is share something she wrote for a class back in High me it gives you a glimpse of who she is, her character, her loving nature.
Trisha spelled with a, s-h-a
My life becomes worthwhile through my own actions.
I will work hard in everything I am involved with.
Reflecting value and purpose is my goal.
I will be loyal to family and friends.
Being unkind to others is not an option.
I will gain an education beyond graduation night.
Learning new things will be a priority whether I am in school or not.
I will travel the world and see new sights.
Gaining knowledge of others brings me closer to Him.
I will keep myself pure for my spouse and friend.
Waiting for him patiently with purpose in mind will be the key.
I will have a family raised in love and commitment.
Building those relationships is something I will not overlook.
I will be spunky when I am old and hold my husband's hand.
Our life together will be blessed by our obedience.
I will keep making goals and keep succeeding.
Because after all, I'm Trisha spelled with a, s-h-a
And everyone knows the other Tricia's won't ever understand.
I love you Trisha spelled with a, s-h-a

Saturday, January 17, 2009


Hold on...I hope your ready for all this!
Christmas was really different this year...very quiet on Christmas day...waiting, patiently waiting, (something I could improve on regarding this holiday) then everyone was here! The Grandkids were hugging and chasing each other and cheering...lots of hugs and greetings, laughter and love. I could never have too much of this!
We started the first night by celebrating Heather's Birthday. Her's is the most documented Birthday of anyone in the good thing about having your Birthday the day after Christmas.For me?...Ohh you guys!
She wouldn't tell her wish.

Fun Birthday gifts

and the kids couldn't wait for her to open her presants and explaine what they had drawn for her.

True treasures are the memories we make.

A sweet message from my favorite son.
I love every second I get to be with him...he is such a strong person, it couldn't have been easy growing up in a houseful of girls!

All the kids wanted a turn playing with Aunt Trisha!

She is so much fun and always has the best ideas!

My sister Diane gets all my grandkids presants for Christmas.
Look out for when she gets some of her own!

The anticipation!

And the fun!

Thanks Diane!!!

The next morning, after hanging ALL Grandmas window clings up, The breakfast of champions,
Captain Chrunch!

The Haws family arrives and we are ready for presents.

Everyone want to help Sophia

Beautiful Princess

Bean bag fishies

Pirate booty

and oh so much more!

How sweet is that!

Even the big kids liked there new toys.

Game nights are on!

The man behind the scenes
Cute new hats

After the gifts we headed out to play in the snow! Yeah!!

Well the snow had been rained on and was less than desirable....let's just say I'm glad that no one was hurt. (other that the tube's and poor Phoenix being scared for Charie and Kai)

Heath and Krystal were good sports and ended up going on a hike they haden't planned on for the day. It sure was good getting to spend some time with Krystal, she is such a cute girl.

Look at that blue sky! It really was such a beautiful day...even if it wasn't such a good tubing day.

When we got back home Trisha had all the tables set up for our big feast! She is such a good organizer and party planner! We toasted to each other and the new year and whatever anyone wanted and ate lots of good food...not too long after that the puking sad we won't dwell on that.
All in all it was a great time and one more affirmation as to why I love my family so much and therin have "JOY IN MY POSTERITY!